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think Lawrence of Arabia

You would not believe the glorious sight that awaited us. Up a hill, in the distance we could see a circle of white tents.


That is where we would spend the rest of the day and one night.

As we drove closer it was quite obvious that we were truly in the middle of nowhere. The tents, a tented dining room and that was it. We were assigned our tents, our luggage was delivered and we were free to enjoy the day.


Although they were compact inside, they were still luxurious: Beautiful carpets, mahogany furniture, working electricity, a slate-floored bathroom with a slate vanity and a gorgeous natural stone shower. I didn’t want to leave. Honestly I could have stayed at least a week.

I unpacked my computer and went to sit on my veranda – as did everyone else. We ordered some cocktails and just sat there and chilled. Never have I been in such a peaceful place.

This is where you come to think … to reflect … to do the soul-searching we all need to do from time to time.

We sat there until dusk – and let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sunset in the desert – the sky goes a
deep red!!


Anyway … we made our way to the centre of the camp – where in a series of circles they had organized ‘a theatre’ – mattresses right on the sand, covered in white linen, with white silk bolster pillows to lean against. And in front of each mattress, a small mahogany table with a candle. Every here and there were braziers – with young men around to keep stoking the fire – a sight so beautiful it took your breath away.


And right in the middle were the entertainers – musicians, singers and dancers – all in native garb – all so talented you didn’t want them to stop.

Laying back against the pillows on those mattresses with a campari and soda in one hand and some snacks in the other, and staring up into a sky so clear the stars looked like diamonds will be a memory that will stay etched in my mind forever.

It gets really cold in the desert and so eventually we made our way into the dining tent where we enjoyed yet another excellent meal. Hot water bottles were nestled in our bedding to keep us nice and toasty in the cold desert night. In addition to wearing the warm pajamas I got from our Jet Air flight to Delhi I also wore a fleece jacket and a fleece poncho to bed.

Showering in the morning was bracing – to say the least – but well worth it. And I was up early enough to catch the sunrise.

Life doesn’t get much better than this …

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Hi Fransi

This is so-o exciting. I think that four of your messages arrived together today and I feel as if I am on the trip with you.

The desert tents sound "the best". I can only imagine lying in luxury in the desert while being wined and dined and entertained. Its surreal.

The camel ride was a hoot. If you can do it, I probably could too.

And the shopping and the shopping and the shopping. What will your luggage weigh on the home bound trip. Maybe you should think about shipping.

Enjoy Enjoy and keep the commentary coming. We will be booking our next trip with you.


by EllenRosen

Hi Fransi,

It seems that you are having the time of your life, I am so happy that the trip is everything that you expected. I like to see you roughing it a little. A five star tent in the desert......the pics are great!!!!


by RanaRosen

Fransi, those white tents with the red sunset sound like a fantasy, I bet you must feel like you are dreaming...I can feel it in the pictures, I can just imagine how fabulous it all is in person, being there, living the moment...and the food all sounds so devine...I love Indian food, and it must be 100% better in India...you're trip so far is turning out like the great adventure you were fantasizing about...
can't wait for the next issue...
Love Dana

by Dana Bell

Hi Fransi,
Your entries continue to be the highlight of my day when I come to check my email. You've provided an escape from the cold (and tons
of snow - you shouldn't know what you're missing) to an exotic and
exciting world. Keep 'em coming.
Love, Heidi

by heidilynn

Ok!ok! I finally found you (witht he help of Sue). Sounds just perfect...somewhere between Ghandi and Bhutto in style and comfort...more about the food please. Nuala and Noah indian food food-freaks..not me though..father had ulcers..but not me..yet!

by edgarcowan

Had wondered why hadn't heard from you in a while. Hope the technical difficulties will be resolved quickly and without any more aggravation....Glad to hear that all is well otherwise though.
Love, Heidi & Co.

by heidilynn

I keep getting the same travelogues over and over, something wrotn with them...???
hope they get it together sooon.
as I anxciously await your stories as you travel...
Love Dana

by Dana Bell

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