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The Gods of transportation really don't like us

more problems ...

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The Gods of Transportation really don’t like us
more problems …

It seems that getting from A to B without incident is just not in the cards for us. First it was the bus. We finally put all that nonsense behind us. You won’t believe this …

We get up at 4 a.m. The hotel opens the restaurant early for us. We’re to leave at 5:30 in the morning. The boat is ready. They take all our luggage and leave. We get into our boat and they are so sweet – they cover us with blankets because at that hour of the morning (in the pitch black, by the way) a boat trip – even just across the lake – will be really cold.

We are right on schedule.

We’re in the middle of the lake now, wistfully looking back at the hotel, wishing we were still there. Suddenly the boat stops dead. We groan. We worry we’ll miss our flight. We look around in the dark to see if there’s another boat in the vicinity. Suddenly we see a couple of fishermen.

What’s happened? A huge fishing net has gotten all tied up in our motor. The fishermen untangle it. Our “driver” starts the engine. We get virtually nowhere and it happens again. And again. A second boat from the hotel tries to come to our rescue. The net gets tangled in his motor.

The boat that took our luggage comes now comes to get us. In the pitch dark we gingerly step from one boat to the other. We make it in one piece. Nobody ends up in the drink. We quickly get into our bus and speed to the airport.

We get there in plenty of time. We make it through security. Our flight is delayed. And delayed. And delayed. And finally cancelled.


It is now 11 am. Everything here is cancelled. What a mess! Rashmi has been sitting with the airline people for hours trying to figure out what we’ll do. We were on our way to Khajuraho – via Delhi.


We will not be able to go to Khajuraho now at all – so if I really want to learn the Kamasutra I will have to get a private tutor. We will not be seeing the Kamasutra Temple – at least not on this trip.

We’ll be going to Delhi for the night – if the fog ever lifts here (finally took off at 4 pm – 10 hours in the airport). And then – with luck there won’t be fog in Delhi tomorrow – and we’ll make our flight to Varanasi.

What can you do??

You learn patience here …

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What a shame to miss Kajuraho, it only means you have to come back...how absolutely frustrating...as I always said, what I hate about travelling is travelling...love being there...hope you have better luck in Delhi...waiting to hearw what happens next...
Love Dana

by Dana Bell

Too bad about missing the Kamasutra stuff...I suppose having one
major 'glitch' in this amazing trip of yours is to be expected. Interesting to hear though, how your experience of this setback sounded: quite a bit forgiving & laid back. Must be the calming effect the country has had on you.

Love, Heidi

by heidilynn

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