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a concert arranged just for us

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This is truly unbelievable!!

There is a young man, Vishal Mishra, who sometimes plays the sitar at our hotel. Rashmi, who has obviously been coming here for years, knows him. When we arrived at the hotel (Taj Ganges), she asked if he was here. He wasn't, as it happens, but they called him and he came over -- he surprised her when we were having dinner.

His father, Kanta Prashad, is a world famous sitar player in -- in fact, he's just returned from Verona, Italy where he recently performed.

Well believe it or not we were invited to their family home -- for a private concert -- and also for dinner.

They have a Temple in their home, and we began the evening being led -- by Kanta Prashad himself -- in meditation. After a tour of their home, and huge rooftop terrace (the house is being renovated so it can become a concert venue and also a meditation centre) we were treated to almost two hours of glorious music and dance -- by both members of this incredibly talented extended family (the father, the sons, the brother, the nephews, the son-in-law) and some "masters" who were called in to join the party.

And as if this wasn't enough, the concert was followed up with a delicious, home-cooked, multi-course dinner.

These are the special moments that are never on the itinerary -- but are magical. And wonderful ...


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Fransi, did you ever luck out by meeting these wonderful talented people, being invited to peoples homes makes all the difference in the world when you travel...your experience here sounds absolutely dreamlike...of course I would have loved to be sitting at your table for dinner...I can just imagine how delicious the food must have been...WOW is all that I can say.
Love Dana

by Dana Bell

Ok, so like, now I'm like well like you know like wow Fransi and like you know now I'm like sooooo jealous and like I'm like thinking, gee like I always wanted to see the Dalai Lama and like see that sitar musiscian and , and, boy are you blessed!!!
XXXOOO Allyson

by fifila22

P.S. Geoffrey feels the same like you know!

by fifila22

Okay Fransi, this just keeps getting better and better. The stars are certainly aligned for you with the exception of the bus.
I just checked the weather channel and l see that it's in the mid 20's, nice. As you have previously heard we are in a deep freeze. Yes we are heading towards -30 tonight. I bet you are thinking about how great it would be to extend this trip given what is going on on this side of the world. But Fransi, you must come home as scheduled. We miss you.

by awsmaunt

Sounds like your trip is amazing...as I knew it would be. I'm about to treat myself to some of your postings and enjoy India all over again.

by palval

Hi Fransi - Absolutely love reading your reports from India, a country that I am so fond of. Very happy you enjoyed Varanasi. So much going on there and driving in Varanasi is pure entertainment!! You certainly have lucked out with all the extra 'little surprises' along your journey.Don't know where you are heading next but looking forward to the next report.
Cheers Christine

by langstaff

Hi Fransi, I finally had a chance to catch up with your blogging and pictures...WOW, hardly describes all that you are experiencing. There are always surprises when travelling with Rashmi, and of course, weather and other factors have a way of influencing other plans. I'm reliving all the sights by following your journey, and it seems, you're very productive in the shopping department. I can't wait to see you in them. Some minor irritants will blur with time when you return and your memorie will be filled with all the wonder you have experienced.

by palval

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